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Yerba Mate

What is it?

Discover the strength of Paraguayan holly leaves, which will share their power with you after pouring water!

Paraguayan holly properties were well known to the Indians living in South America. They mainly valued their prevention of fatigue and alleviation of hunger. They also gave the brew a name that derives from the word hierba (in Spanish, written by y as yerba), meaning herb, and mati, the name that the Quechua Indians used to describe the vessel to drink it.

WildPower is our willingness to share energy from nature! We’ve created products to help you when you need it. Get to know the recipe for agitation and let yourself be carried away by a yerbian adventure!

How does it work?

Yerba mate is primarily a rich source of caffeine, well known to us from coffee. Therefore, it stimulates you, but how! Thanks to the high content of minerals and, complementing the effects of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, it suplies energy more sustainably than coffee. You don’t have to worry about the energy increase and then its sudden decrease. Enjoy the power that lasts!

It has a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol and raises the level of good cholesterol, which is also important in antiatherosclerotic prophylaxis. In addition, it has been proven that yerba mate has a protective effect on the heart – it alleviates its dysfunction and rebuilds damage.

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WildPower Yerba Mate is a natural source of energy that will captivate you with its wildness! Let  paraguayan holly leaves give you strength to live a passionate life. Choose from range of products almost as wide as Amazon river. Among it you will find a mate that will suit every taste. From classic flavors, through fruit madness, to compositions filled with guarana and ginseng for special tasks.

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Yerba mate … You have heard about it somewhere, but in the subject you are green as those apples which you picked from a neighbor’s apple tree as a kid? Don’t worry, we will tell you everything and we will drag you into the crazy world of mateists.

What yerba mate is?

Strongly simplified, it is almost a tea, but from a different plant, and more exact from the Paraguayan holly. The leaves (and sometimes branches) of the holly are collected, cut into small pieces and dried. The prepared drought is yerba mate, which after pouring water is ready to give you its wealth. Holly grows in South America and it is in this region that yerba mate is the most popular.

Where does it come from?

A long, long time ago, behind mountains, beyond forests… or more precisely quite far from here because in South America, holly trees were growing. Locals have found that their leaves have stimulant properties. For example, they chew them during hunting to stay alert and increase focus on the target. Then they started to ground leaves of the tree began to boil with hot water and drink with this drink for hours during the day. The popularity of the drink outside these distant circles is due to the Jesuit missionaries who appeared in South America in the 17th century. Having learned the benefits of the drink, they founded the first holly plantations and spread yerba mate in Europe as an alternative to tea.

Do I need all those dishes and straws?

You don’t have to do anything, you CAN do everything! If you want you can brew mate similarly to tea. But if you want to get the most out of it, do not get discouraged at the beginning with leaflets between your teeth, and at the same time feel like a real South American macho or tanned seniorita then get yourself the right dish (matero or gourd) and, most importantly, a tube with a strainer or bombilla . To start with, we recommend the Starter Set, in which you’ll get both matero and bombilla, as well as four different yerba mate flavors to be able to find your favorite.

How to brew yerba mate?

As you want! The most popular way is to drink with bombilla and in the matero. Pour yerba mate into the dish, adjust the amount to your liking, usually it is filled in 1/2-3/4, but at the beginning we recommend rather smaller amounts. Tilt the dish so that the drought spills over to one side and arranges approximately at an angle of 45 degrees. Place Bombilla in the matero next to dried fruit. Carefully pour in dried water with a temperature of 70-80 ° C (you can also pour some cold water at the beginning to moisten the drought and then add warmer water). Wait a moment and go ahead!

Remember that yerba mate can be shaken but not mixed. So one of the preparation elements (especially in the case of more dusty varieties) may be to turn the material upside down (after having previously blocked the hole with your hand) and shake it so that the finer dust after turning is on top and does not clog the holes in the bombilla. For the same reason, do not mix bombilla in the dish unless you want to laboriously clean it afterwards.

How to drink yerba mate?

Calmly. Slowly, sipping a few sips. The point is not to drink everything at once, but to gradually recharge your energy. Add water when there is nothing to drink or when the leaves standing for a while have become too hot. You can pour one portion as long as you like it, sometimes you get up to seven refills.

Feeling lucky?

You already know the most popular way of brewing mate, but it’s not about always following the beaten track. Combine and discover new flavors. On a hot day, try brewing yerba with ice-cold water, and you’ll find that its delicate taste perfectly refreshes you. Do you need a change? Instead of water, pour the dried fruit juice with cold fruit and you will traverse new undiscovered regions of taste.

Why is yerba mate better that coffee?

While drinking coffee, you probably know this feeling, a moment full of power, and then an energetic descent that directs your steps for another coffee. Yerba stimulation releases gradually, providing stable and long-lasting energy for action. Coffee is a sprinter, it gives a lot of energy, which ends quickly. Yerba Mate is an ultramarathonian who can stimulate you throughout the day. In addition, yerba mate provides not only caffeine, but also many vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Challenge yourself!

Do you want the first approach to be as gentle as possible? We hurry with help! Start with a delicate Brazilian Mate with additional ingredients. Reach for example for Wild Energy, which will provide you with energy both yerba mate, guarana and ginseng, or Cascara, which has a slightly fruity taste.

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